The Canterbury Children's Gala

Parents, enjoy the CES Gala knowing your kids are having a blast with food, activities, games, prizes, movies, bounce house with all of their friends! And all under the watchful eyes of our own CES upperclassmen! (And adult supervision too!) The Children’s Gala is held within close distance of the gala at our very own Bishops Hall!

Kids, don't miss out on THE party of the year!  There will be friends and food and games and activities and prizes and music and movies, all at Chafin Center, and with cool upperclassmen!

The Children's Gala is a fundraiser for TASC (The Associated Students of Canterbury), our upper school student government association.

Just $30 for one child, or $45 (total) for two or more children.
Open to Canterbury Students Pre-K through 8th grade